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Why is it that a lot of people are having such a hard time losing weight? You may have followed everything , from dieting to exercising, but you still haven’t seen any results. There can be quite a few possible reasons for this, and we’ll be exploring some of them below. It’s important to be patient with yourself , as no single solution fits everybody and sometimes you have to experiment until you find out what’s effective and what’s been holding you back.

When talking about losing weight, timing is as important as how much and what you eat. One of the most common mistakes is skipping breakfast, thinking that doing so is a good way of cutting back on calories. The perfect time to eat a larger meal is during breakfast so that you will not eat more during the day. Eating late in the evening is also not an advisable thing to do. Your body will have difficulty in burning off the calories if you eat late at night , so it is best not to eat your meals at least three hours before you go to bed.

It is recommended to eat a larger breakfast and steadily decrease the food that you eat as the day progresses.

While it might be necessary for you to research a range of diets to uncover the best one for you, if you’re an individual who is continually leaping form one diet to another, it will be tough to get lasting results. A lot of diets have stipulations that oppose one another , and if you’re continually switching gears, you’ll just find yourself perplexed. You should keep up with a diet for at least a few months to discover how you feel and if you’re shedding weight. Just because you found out about a hip new diet doesn’t mean you need to give in to peer pressure, in particular if you’re already seeing outcomes from the diet you’re presently on. Steady efforts are called for , in order for any diet to work.

Some people are unsuccessful at decreasing their weight because they switch between eating very little and binging. Or they get so excited if they lose a few pounds that they feel they can take it easy and start going back to their old habits. The reality is that if you go on a binge, it’s not difficult to consume as many calories in one meal at a fast food joint as you should be getting in one whole day. That’s one reason that awfully low calorie diets can be dodgy, due to the fact that when you starve the body , there’s an ordinary penchant to take the opposite path and eat excessively. So you should watch your calories, but it’s better to be consistent and eat sensibly all the time rather than jumping between under and overeating. Dropping weight is most often a tough practice, because you need to adjust quite a few patterns that you have become familiar with over the years. Every so often it takes some investigating and testing to determine why it’s difficult to drop weight. We’ve reviewed some of the reasons in this article , yet everyone’s situation is a little distinct. If you pay attention to all your eating and lifestyle habits, you can find out why you have trouble losing weight and take steps to change this.

build a shed and loft bed plans

Most single guys know that Pattaya’s Walking Street is a haven of go-go bars but many don鈥檛 know about the celebrated restaurants.

There are a bunch of great places to chow down that will suit every budget. You can choose from local street vendors or you can splurge on a first-rate seafood dinner.

The street vendors are mostly located just off of Walking Street down the small lanes or sois. They sell everything from barbecue on a stick to rice and noodle dishes. Prices are very moderate and you can get a meal or a snack for les than 2 dollars.

If you want Thai food in a nicer setting, there are many restaurants up and down the street. You can get western or Thai food at moderate prices.

Some of the bars also offer food or provide menus that you can easily order from. You can order any item on the menu and have your full course meal while enjoying your favorite adult beverage.

If you are in the mood for seafood , there are 3 or 4 restaurants that have your favorite fish, lobster or crab on ice or still swimming around. Your meal will be excellent and cost about 25% of what you would pay at home. And the view of Pattaya Bay is magnificent. King Seafood is my favorite.

If seafood isn鈥檛 your favorite, you can always get Italian. Don Joe’s is right on Walking Street and overlooks the bay. You can get pizza , pasta or lasagna in a great location with superb service. Many of the bars located near Don Joe’s can provide a menu and will let you consume food in the bar while you have a cold beer.

Another favorite of mine are the kebab sandwiches that some of the vendors sell. You will see chicken, pork or lamb on a vertical spit and you can get a sandwich with all the trimmings for about 50 Baht 鈥?or $1.50 US. The meat will be trimmed and put into pita bread and then you can add cucumbers, tomatoes , and onions. Catsup and other sauces are also available. Chicken kebabs are my favorite and the girls in the bars will be happy to grab one for you.

Probably the best part of Walking Street is that you can get food any time of day or night. Whether eating local style at one of the many street vendors, or going for the crab or lobster at King Seafood it is entirely up to you. You can even get a burger and fries if you want. And dessert is available too 鈥?you can get an Italian ice or some fresh fruit.

Walking Street is a fun place to go to for the bars and the girls but it is also a super place to get some excellent food.

Larry Westfall is a retired expat living in Thailand and loves Khonkaen and pattaya beach resort

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