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Wisdom teeth are the last four molars of our dentition Amani Hooker Rush Jersey , making up to add a total of 32 teeth. These teeth often grow in people during their teenage. An impacted wisdom tooth is likely to cause several complications. Some individuals are even forced to visit an emergency dentist with troublesome wisdom teeth. To be treated on time, you must know when these teeth develop with a complication.

Are there any symptoms of Infected or Damaged Developing Wisdom Teeth?

Yes, there are some symptoms you can be aware of. To start with Nate Davis Rush Jersey , a damaged wisdom tooth will give rise to red and swollen gums. This might also end up with tender or bleeding gums. When this tooth grows, you will experience jaw pain in addition to swelling. These signs will be manifesting in the area after the last molars.

However, in case of infection A.J. Brown Rush Jersey , you would experience an obnoxious flavour and bad breath in your mouth. In extreme cases, it will be difficult even to open your mouth. Some of the symptoms appear common for both damage and infection however, you might also experience fever and headache. In both these cases Jeffery Simmons Rush Jersey , your dentist will suggest wisdom teeth removal Melbourne.

What are the Complications with Wisdom Teeth, and why Dentists suggest wisdom teeth removal Melbourne?

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause so many problems in the oral cavity. Let us check some of them now.

Damage to Adjusting Teeth:

If your wisdom teeth push against the adjacent teeth or the second molars, it might damage those teeth Jurrell Casey Rush Jersey , increasing the risk of infection in that area. The pressure applied could also cause problems like crowding, requiring orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth.


Sometimes wisdom tooth develops in a sac within the jaw. This sac, when filled with fluid Kevin Byard Rush Jersey , forms a cyst which can damage teeth, jaw, bone Derrick Henry Rush Jersey , and also nerves. In rare cases, a tumour might also develop. This complication will require removal of bones and tissues.

Tooth Decay:

A partially impacted wisdom tooth is at a higher risk of tooth decay. This occurs because the tooth is hard to clean, and food and bacteria get settled easily in between the gum and the partially erupted tooth.

Gum Disease:

As it is difficult to clean Corey Davis Rush Jersey , the partially erupted impacted wisdom teeth will increase the risk of developing gum disease.

These are the reasons why dentists suggest wisdom teeth removal at the earliest.

If you suffer from impacted wisdom teeth, do not wait, visit your dentist to get it removed. With affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne get rid of those problem makers to avoid problems in the future.

The author is a dentist. To avoid the high cost of dentistry Marcus Mariota Rush Jersey , making patients avoid dental works, he has set out a way to offer his patients high-quality, low-cost dental care like cheap wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. Visit ourne for details.

More About the Author

After 10 years of Oral Surgery services in Melbourne and requests from many patients Dr Pinho is now proudly able to offer General Dentistry to all his patients at his already well known affordable fees. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before Proceeding Amani Hooker Jersey , you should seek a second opinion from an appropriate qualified health practitioner. We want to be your affordable dentist in Melbourne. Call us now on 1300 320 881 for General Dentistry

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